Plastic Surgeon in Poway, San Diego CA


"Dr. Ha helped me fix a botched eye job from a previous doctor. I went to 4 other doctors before I found Dr. Ha....all of them said they could not help...Dr Ha looked and said no problem...Sure enough, after suffering through 8 years of hating what I saw in the mirror, I am now back to looking like I should.Dr. Ha is really good..I have used him for botox, fillers and repair surgery. He's great"

-Holly M. Escondido CA (Yelp Reviews)


Many people believe that plastic surgery can change their lives and they get cosmetic surgery for several different reasons. Some people want to look younger while others want to change a feature that they have never liked. Many people seek cosmetic surgery to feel better about themselves and their bodies in order to boost their confidence or self esteem.

There are two main types of plastic surgery classifications: re-constructive or cosmetic. Examples of re-constructive surgeries are surgeries that are done to improve any deformity in any part of the human body that was caused by an accident or congenital deformity. These may or may not interfere with basic functions of the body.

Another form of plastic surgery is cosmetic surgery. People have the personal choice whether to get cosmetic surgery or not. Most cosmetic surgeries are performed on different parts of a person’s body where they feel that they need improvement on or where they would like to improve the appearance. Examples of body parts where people usually get cosmetic surgery on include the nose, face, abdomen, breasts, etc. Some of the most common procedures done to these body parts include nose lifts or repair of the nasal flare, face lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction.