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New patients received Xeomin for $8.00 per unit  

Essentially the same product as Botox, except with different preservation method

Xeomin: Made by Merz, this is another sister of BOTOX and DYSPORT, in the family of Botulinumtoxin Type A. It has been used in Europe since 2008 with safety and efficacy profiles essentially the same as Botox. FDA has approved Xeomin in US market since 2011. However, due to a legal allegation by Allergan, Xeomin was placed in a legal injunction for one year. The injunction was just lifted in Feb 2013. Because there’s less associated protein, there’s less chance of antibody induction in patients receiving Xeomin than those receiving Botox. However, the significance of that induction is unknown. In term of effectiveness, one unit of Xeomin is the same as one unit of Botox. Three unit of Dysport is the same as one unit of Botox or Xeomin. Xeomin is approximately 20% less expensive than Botox. However, with the Brilliant Distinctions Program given by Allergan for Botox, the costs are essentially the same. You may consider Xeomin if Botox or Dysport has not been working too great or too long for you, or you just want a more economical version of Botox, and don’t want to deal with Brilliant Distinctions Program