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Juvederm specials san diego

Juvederm Volbella $399

Achieve fuller lip appearance with results that may last up to 1 year 

JUVEDERM VOLUMA 1mL *Special Price $817 Reg $1000

The latest fillers technology. Results may last up to 2 years Crosslinked hyaluronic acid 20 mg Phosphate buffer pH 7.2 q.s. 1g

JUVEDERM XC 1 mL:  *Special Price $563
Hyaluronic Acid; Best volume for Lips and areas with thin skin (e.g. tear through, beneath fine wrinkles)

JUVEDERM XC PLUS 1 mL:  *Special Price $621 
Thicker Hyaluronic Acid gel than Juvederm XC; Versatile and essentially can be used anywhere  ^XC Plus; best to inject over bony structure in a “liquid facelift” fashion or injecting according to Dr. Ha’s “Triangulation Concept“