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Welcome to Highly Artistic Surgery, a certified surgical center located in the heart of Poway, CA.  We offer a full array of surgical, non-surgical procedures, and injectable materials with focus on aesthetic improvement of the face, head, and neck regions.

In affiliation with Palomar and Pomerado hospitals, we also provide ablative and reconstruction surgery for head and neck, and skin cancer.

Here are our working principles:

  • Natural, youthful appearance is the ultimate goal of rejuvenation
  • Beauty must accompany good health
  • Customer Satisfaction is our priority
  • Honesty is our policy to a long lasting relationship

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Tip of The Day

The undereye bags reflects the fat pads protruding from inside each eye socket. They are covered by a layer of thinnest skin in your body. (The thickest skin is on your sole.) Anything that increases the your blood pressure in your face or body can make the bags worse, including salty food, heavy alcohol consumption, sleeping flat on your face, and stress.