Plastic Surgeon in Poway, San Diego CA



"Dr. Ha is great. I came in for Dysport and asked for a natural look. He was honest and very helpful. In fact he almost recommended I just use a skin care regimen instead. He guided me towards the correct placement of the product and it is true.....

Dr. Ha is Highly Artistic and I am so glad I went to him and not somewhere else. My goal was realized...I wanted to still have some wrinkles but only soften the look so that I would look refreshed and healthy, not completely transformed. I am so happy with the fresh youthful look he created." - Amanda R.  Yelp Review 2/4/15


"Upper Lip injection with Juvederm XC was the service provided to me by Dr. Ha. I did plenty of shopping around from choosing a dermatologist vs a cosmetic surgeon. After doing much research and spending sleepless nights on different offices webpages, I've decided to pay Dr. Ha a visit.....                                                 .....and I'm very stratified with my results. I will be a returning patient of Dr.Ha in the future. I posted photos. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! UNBEATABLE PRICE!!"- Tatiana M. Yelp 1/2/14


"the prices are extremely reasonable, the Dr. obviously is smart and educated. Insightful.
Definitely 5 stars, when you consider the importance of any kind of procedure like this, you wanted a skilled doctor. You get that here. With a great price." - Josh R. Yelp 8/20/14